Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home? where the heart is

It's bittersweet.

Berkeley is beautiful. But, 3 months?? It's been a 3 month summer break, though it feels like it's been only 3 weeks. How the hell did that happen?

"They" say you should never look forward to an event, not only because the anticipation turns out to be greater than the actual event itself, but also because you're wishing away your days and not realizing and seizing the 'now' that you're living in.

We spend a part of our time in Berkeley dreading midterms and finals and wishing we're on break so we can frolic, play, and embark on crazy adventures, yet we don't even realize that the adventures, that LIFE, that almost 9 out of the 12 months of our charming youth is spent living, breathing, and experiencing Berkeley.

I miss my other home. The rainy nights in a magical place with San Franciscan and Btown adventures involving midnight karate kids, capes, imaginary AK-47 marina videos, lanterns, protests, pickets, lovers, crazies, the works. Life there is bomb. But so is life back home.

What to choose, where to live, what to do, who to be?



àni said...

synchronization is back in business with our SELVES.

Anonymous said...

You know where the heart is.

Romina said...

You know better. :}