Thursday, September 10, 2009

They asked me, what injustices I have seen- if any. I laughed.
I have seen many injustices in and outside of the UCB community. Nowadays, 
the injustices UC Berkeley staff, students, and workers face have become so 
immense that it is important that we draw it to our attention: maybe the system 
wide UC student and faculty walkout on September 24 will do the trick. 
From the ever-growing dramatic increase in student fees- to the discontinuation 
of cal grants, to furloughs and layoffs, to the fewer resources provided for 
students and the even fewer opportunities provided for UC staff members, to the 
ever-strained UC workers that must tackle more tasks outside of their respective 
job descriptions, to the ICE (Immigrations Customs Enforcement) raids pulled out 
against our UC workers- it seems as though all we see and experience is bureaucratic
 encroachment. All we are experiencing is the privatization and hypocrisy of the 
institution. We are becoming subject to the neglect, the abuse, and the injustice
 of all things Regent, President, and Chancellor-related. We are becoming minions
 in this "divide-and-conquer" plan laid out by those stringing us by a thread from
 above. Top-down, self-interested economic trends have strained our pockets and our
 civil liberties. I have seen injustice in the educational and labor sector.  I 
have seen injustice and dogmatism in the very academic institution that ironically
 seeks to diversify and liberate our minds, so that we are ready and prepared to
 fight the very battles we are facing against the very hand that does not seek to
 feed, but rather poison us.  I have seen many injustices in and outside of the
 UCB community. Some, much less anticipated than others.  ~Romina K. 

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