Monday, October 12, 2009

good riddance

It is so interesting how humans seek satisfaction and pleasure in the ejection of all bodily entities.

A friend and I were conversing the other day about Freud's sexual psyche- and about how humans go through several sexual stages to seek pleasure.

The first is our oral fixation- which begins at the start of childhood where we depend on the mother's suckle to provide food, nourishment, love and pleasure.

We then evolve as human beings and depend on taste, touch, oral and visual penetration and stimulation. We begin to take pleasure in excreting bodily functions- be that in the "pejorative" (sexual climax) or meliorative sense (fecal climax).

The point in all this is that as human beings- the only way we can experience pleasure- ultimate pleasure, in all senses-- be that emotionally or physically- is if we expel whatever it is that we need to.

Whether it is to speak our minds and thoughts relentlessly to promote open communiction- which creates emotional pleasure....
Whether it is to free ourselves of bodily pleasure by engaging in sensual acts- which creates physical pleasure....

it seems like the best remedy in life is to be open in all avenues. Like Leo's "Vetruvian man"...
That's what this blog reminds me of- this idea that we are held taut up against the universe, our bodies and minds open, legs wide, arms stretching, free flying forms; perhaps that is Leo's intention in portraying this man...

Our tears shed away our sorrow and relieve our distraught bodies. Our orgasms release our tensions and our suppressed pleasures. Our words leave us full, our fecal matter leaves us free. Everything escapes us, and that's the only way we'll be happy.

But that's not how life always works. Does it still make me a hypocrit to promote openness when I myself acknowledge that I have non-confrontational tendencies? Does my choosing to remain free from certain acts bind me from being happy in every aspect of the word?

I guess I'll have the rest of my life to figure this out. :)

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Shanaynay said...

The pleasure humas recieve from exctreting bodily fluids (sexual climax) and the thought surrounded by it is different for each individual. You say that it is there in order to recieve pleasrue, where as scientifically, humans are inclined to have sexual intercourse and engage in sexual activity to preserve the species. Nothing more nothing less. We are nothing but animals. The 'thing' that makes us, humans, feel as if we've achieved ecstacy is sex. The reason? To procreate.

Biologically you're inclined to mate, from the start of puberty as much as you can. We have not fully evolved yet to understand that we do not need to have 400 babies. So you, in a sense, are taking this bioligical inclination to have sex and applying emotions, ideas and reprocutions to it. This is a sign of evolution. Proof is woman and their menstartion. Durning menstration periods women have the urge to procreate. Reason being, that the individuals' body is ready and able to host and care for a fetus.

So in fact, physical and emotional pleasure (the ultimate form) can occur from the sexual activity. The promotion or to even relegate the idea of sex being a sexual pleasure is up to each individual. The need, and want from it phsyically is mainly a biological concept.

The emotional aspect is too vast to get into and different for each and every individual. Each needs to find where he/she stands emotionally with this rather controversial topic.