Sunday, June 27, 2010

The art of conversation

It's a treat to find out that people from different walks of life read my blog posts and comment on them, giving me their profound 2-cents.

Having a good conversation with a "random" stranger is probably the most intriguing forms of human contact. It makes me think that all that human beings really need is to be heard.

So listen to the people around you.

I frequently provoke conversations with people I don't know in an effort to invest in a magical verbal journey. Often times than not, the conversation leads to subjects pertaining to dogs, the failing economy, FIFA, and great movies. Other times, the conversation leads to the meaning of life, to religion, to happiness, sex, and to the other contested topics of our time.

Having a deep conversation with a human being is something I had taken granted for. Perhaps that is why I write blog posts- it is my desperate attempt to engage reader(s?) in a special, thought-provoking virtual dialogue that will evoke insight and enigma on both of our ends.

When I think about it, those who are deaf or mute must truly cherish their ability to communicate with other human beings; at least that is what my coworker who has a deaf sister shared with me. I suppose that those of us who have the ability to speak must take it for granted? Instead we invest in minute and perhaps meaningless conversations over facebook, twitter, and texting that prevents us from wholeheartedly communicating.

Indeed, this is the art of conversation...we have the special ability to speak what the tongues in our minds have been waiting to say.

So let's converse.


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