Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In these few short months, I have endured the death of a once-close friend, the loss of a coworker, the growth of a new friendship, the advancement of opportunity, the unnecessarily dramatic undertakings of relationships, and the perpetuated curious mixture of what embodies a perfect-less, asymmetrical life.

Do all that you want and love because life is limitless and any moment can permanently change the course of the rest of your day, week, month, year, or life.

Never wish away your life- by moments of anticipation for future events. Never lose sight of your youth. Never forget that love, happiness, and friendship are fleeting and you will never even sometimes realize or appreciate what you have until what or whom you have is no longer existent in your life- be it permanently or not. Lastly, never say never. :}

So live for yourself and possibly even tentatively, by yourself. Seek to love and cherish and value your own mind, body, and soul because the more you age, the less you live, and the less time you have to truly appreciate your own essence in this busy, relentless, robotic world. Do no lose sight of your senses, in every sense of that senseless word. (Re)discover the thirst you have for living life barring boundaries. Cherish the opportunity to travel and to learn and learn and LEARN and grow. Challenge your dispositions and welcome change. Incite a conversation between you and a stranger, you might learn something new or even make their day.

Live and let live. Live with balance, live with openness, do something different every single day of your life, drink some good ol' humble juice, help the elderly in need, be kind, and lock your pride in the closet. Stop living life like an automaton-technologically crippled, socially grappled, and behaviorally antagonistic, because you only live once, so make it harmoniously happy. :}Don't let people tell you what to do (hi), unless their advice is worth your 2-seconds.

And if not for me then for the people or strangers who care, love, and/or interact with you....SMILE.

It won't kill you.

Trust me. :]

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